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A Kiss is Not a Contract is a Flight of the Conchords song that appears in the TV episode "Girlfriends".


Lyrics for A Kiss is Not a Contract from Girlfriends

A kiss is not a contract But it's very nice It's very nice

Just because you've been Exploring my mouth Doesn't mean you get to take An expedition further south, no

A kiss is not a contract But it's very nice It's very, very nice

Just because we've been Playing tonsil hockey Doesn't mean you get to score the goal That’s in my jockeys

Just because I'm in a two man novelty band Doesn’t mean it's all about poontang I can't go around loving everyone I just wouldn't get anything done

You can take me out to dinner That might be quite nice You could buy me a burrito And some beans and rice But that won't get you into pant's paradise

They call it a fly Because it takes you up to heaven, oh oh

A kiss is not a contract But it's very nice It’s very, very nice

I'm only one man, baby, pretty baby We're only two men, ladies Oh babies, oh, pretty babies

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