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Actor Bret McKenzie
Profession Musician
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Bret is one of the two members of Flight of the Conchords. He is portrayed by Bret McKenzie.


Bret is of medium height and has a short beard and moustache and bushy, curly black hair. He speaks with a heavy New Zealand accent. He plays guitar- both electric and acoustic- piano, synthetsizer, ukelele and household items used for percussion. He is the main vocalist of the fictional version of the band "Flight of the Conchords". He was also a temporary manager of the band (along with Jemaine) when the band decided to fire their usual manager, Murray Hewitt (however, they re-hired Murray later that week). He and Jemaine came to America in 2007, but, lacking green cards, they were deported back to New Zealand in 2009, along with Murray. In his time in America, he also worked as a advertisement sign holder.  Bret also has an affinity for Bret's Tshirts and other very fashionable choices, including his Hair Helmet (which he designed and made himself).

He's slightly clumsier than Jemaine. He's gotten his head stuck in a chair, his hand stuck in a jar, and once accidentally driven a car into a pool. He has also kept bumping into things because he thought wearing an eyepatch would make him look cool.


  • Many fans believe the character is called Bret McClegnie, but if one were to see the subtitles, they would discover he actually said "McKenzie". One would think some fans would have understood it only soundly like this because of his afore-mentioned heavy New Zealand accent.
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