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Air Date March 22, 2009
Writer(s) James Bobin & Jemaine Clement & Bret McKenzie
Director Taika Waititi
Guest stars Arj Barker as Dave

James Thomas Bligh as NSA Agent
David Costabile as Doug
Anthony Fazio as Stage Eugene
Adrian Martinez as Hotelier
Eugene Mirman as Eugene
Jonno Roberts as Stage Murray
Frank Wood as Greg



Unable to pay off their back rent, Bret and Jemaine move in with Mel and Doug; Murray looks to cash in on a stage play about the Conchords' travels.


"The Story of us, is a couple of guys who start out at the bottom, and with a lot of hard work continue along the bottom, and finally end up at the bottom."

- Jemaine on the success of the Flight of the Conchords.


Bret and Jemaine wake up to New York for the last time in their apartment, and play an instrumental using various objects. The party is crashed when Eugene comes to the door and tells the duo that their bills have been paid in New Zealand currency, realizing that their is no way that the two of them can pay off the bills, they are given one month to try and obtain enough money for the rent. One month is surpassed by a cutscene, and the two of them ask Murray for help, unfortunatly it is not possible to stay at Murray's place, as he has a sleep condition of groping anyone in the area near him. Murray pitches the idea of an off Broadway musical. At first, Bret and Jemaine opose the idea of a musical that fabricates the bands success for inspirational purpouses; however, they agree in the end.

After finding a place to stay (Mel's House) the band breaks up the marriage of Mel and Doug, splitting custody of Bret and Jemaine between the estranged couple as if children. Eventually the musical is performed, and is presumed a success after it rejoins the marriage of Mel and Doug. Soon after, Bret and Jemaine find out that Murray invited deportation services to the play (accidentally) and gets Murray, Bret and Jemaine sent back to New Zealand. The instrumental is performed again of the farm of the property belonging to Bret and Jemaine, who once again become shepherds.


Everyday Sounds Musical Montage[]

Petrov, Yelyena, & Me[]

Flight of the Conchords: The Broadway Musical[]

Background Notes[]

  • ...

1. "Sally"
2. "Bret Gives Up the Dream"
3. "Mugged"
4. "Yoko"

5. "Sally Returns"
6. "Bowie"
7. "Drive By"
8. "Girlfriends"

9. "What Goes on Tour"
10. "New Fans"
11. "The Actor"
12. "The Third Conchord"


1. "A Good Opportunity"
2. "The New Cup"
3. "The Tough Brets"
4. "Murray Takes It to the Next Level"

5. "Unnatural Love"
6. "Love is a Weapon of Choice"
7. "Prime Minister"
8. "New Zealand Town"

9. "Wingmen"
10. "Evicted"