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I Told You I was Freaky

I Told You I Was Freaky is a Flight of the Conchords song that appears in the TV episode "Wingmen".


Lyrics for I Told You I Was Freaky from Wingmen

Girl.... I'm gonna take the month of August off... just to get you off I'm freaky... I'm gonna clear the table top, we're gonna need a mop, I'm freaky

Let's take a photo of a goat in a boat And then we can float in the moat and be freaky Freaky Let's take my body and we'll cover it with honey Stick some money to the honey, now I'm covered in money, honey I go outside onto the ledge and push my ass against the glass You can act like you don't know me I take a cup and then I put it on my head And I just stand there being freaky with a cup on my head

I told you I was freaky (I told you I was freaky baby) You didn't believe me (Don't look at me) I told you I was freaky (Look at me) Girl, let's get freaky

Let's make two life-size cardboard cut-outs of our bodies And then pose them into sensual positions I'll paint the wallpaper pattern onto your naked skin Stand against the wallpaper and get off like chameleons I'll flip some clips on my lips, I'll clip some chips to your hips I'll nibble chips off your hips and watch the moon eclipse I'll go outside and get some leaves and pretend to be a tree You can be a squirrel, and store my nuts for me

I told you I was freaky (He told you he was freaky baby) You didn't believe me (Take that off) I told you I was freaky (Put this on) Girl, I do this shit weekly

I want to fly so high in the sky and see what our love brings Let's steal my roommate's pillow feathers and make some homemade wings Gonna fly so high on makeshift pillow wings Girl, can you believe we're flying on homemade pillow wings?

Here I am all dressed in snakeskin Now I'm in your kitchen making love to your cake tin Oh no, is this the one you bake in? I told you I was freaky did you think I was fakin'? At 8PM I sell my underpants on eBay At half-past nine I hold a seance in your hallway At ten o'clock I ask some ghosts for a three way Yes it's creepy, I told you I was freaky.

Ow! Ow ow ow!

I told you I was freekie, baby! I told you I was freekie, baby!

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