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If You're Into It
1x04 - If You're Into It.jpg
Vocals by Bret McKenzie
Jemaine Clement
Heard in Yoko
Appearances By Bret McClegnie
Jemaine Clemaine

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"If You're Into It" was featured in the episode Yoko and is performed by Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement.


If You're Into It is a rewritten version of Bret's "Song for Coco". At Jemaine's insistence, the song's lyrics are simple and direct, describing what Bret would realistically like to do with Coco if she were "into it". These suggestions begin innocently, but quickly escalate to sexual fantasies, finally ending with a proposed threesome in a kitchen. Bret sings "If You're Into It" for Coco while sitting on the ledge of the Flushing Meadows park fountain in Queens while Jemaine, who has tagged along on their date, sings the chorus.


Lyrics for If You're Into It from Yoko

If you want me to / I can hang 'round with you / If I only knew / That's what you're into.

You and him / Him and you / If that's what / You're into / Him hanging 'round / Around you / You're hanging 'round / Yeah, you're there too.

And if you want me to / I will take off all my clothes for you / I'll take off all my clothes for you / If that's what you're into

How 'bout him / In the nude? / If that's what / You're into. / In the nude in front of you / Is that what / you'd want to view?

If it's cool with you / I'll let you get naked too / It could be a dream come true / Providing that's what you are into

Is that what / You're into? / Him and you / In the nude? / That's what he's prepared to do / Is that the kind of thing / you think you might be into?

And then maybe later / We'll get hot by the refrigerator / In the kitchen / next to the pantry / You think that might be what you fancy?

In the buff / Being rude / Doing stuff / With the food / Getting lewd / With his food / We heard that's what you are into

Then on our next date / Well, you could bring your roommate / I don't know if Stu is keen to / But if you want we could double-team you

How about you / And two dudes? / Him, you and Stu / In the nude / Being lewd with two dudes with food / Well, that's if Stu's into it, too

All the things I'd do / The things I'd do for you / If I only knew / That's what you're into


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