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Like In My Dreams
2x04 - Like In My Dreams.jpg
Vocals by Kristen Schaal
Bret McKenzie
Jemaine Clement
Heard in Murray Takes It To The Next Level
Appearances By Bret McClegnie
Jemaine Clemaine

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"Like In My Dreams" was featured in the episode Murray Takes It To The Next Level and is performed by Kristen Schaal, Bret McKenzie, and Jemaine Clement.


Sung by Mel (Kristen Schaal), "Like In My Dreams" is a wistful imagining of what life might be like if the world were more like Mel's dreams. Not unexpectedly, the accompanying video reveals that her dreams are heavily populated by Bret and Jemaine.


Lyrics for Like In My Dreams from Murray Takes It To The Next Level

Why can't the world be more like in my dreams / It would be full of all my favourite things / The sun shining in the sky / And suddenly I can fly / I'm a little bird up high / In 'V' formation with my favourite guys / I'm a Amelia Earhart / My plane has a broken wing / My fella's are my propellors / And my cookies start to sing

Why can't the world be more like in a dream / I agree

I won't tell my secrets to foriegn spys / And then rescued by my two favourite guys / I'm suddenly pregnant and I can't explain / And when the pop out they're like Bret and Jemaine / I'm walking to school, folks are staring at me / Then I look down I'm completely naked

What if the world was more like in my dreams

I wake up early in the morning / Go to school and do a test / Then all my teeth fall out / And I'm falling to my death

Why can't the world be more like in my dreams

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