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Murray Takes It to the Next Level
[[Image:2x04 - Murray Takes It To The Next Level.jpg|center|300px]]
Air Date February 8, 2009
Writer(s) James Bobin
Jemaine Clement
Bret McKenzie
Director Troy Miller
Guest stars Jim Gaffigan as Jim
Frank Wood as Greg


Unnatural Love

Murray tries to elevate Bret and Jemaine on his friendship graph, bringing his questioning pal Jim in on the plan; Mel demands an apology from Bret for inappropriate dream behavior.


At a band meeting, Murray invites Jemaine and Bret to take it to the 'next level' on his friendship graph; to go beyond their current status as 'work mates' and surpass the status of 'colleagues' - such as Greg - to become 'friends'. Murray also alludes to his 'best friend' Jim many times. After attempting activities together such as watching a movie, making a fort and sleeping, Bret and Jemaine rise up the graph to attain the status of friends. Murray deems it time they meet the elusive Jim, and invites the three to a barbeque, where Jim meets (and endlessly questions) Bret and Jemaine.

Telephoning them later to ask if they want to hang out, Jim is affronted when Bret relays Jemaine's statement that Jim is 'a dick'. A series of further mishaps, such as turning Murray's desk into a table tennis table, sees Bret and Jemaine relegated down the graph, ending up below their original status of 'work mates', as 'strangers'. Murray says he will see them at the next band meeting, although they will 'not know each other'. He then introduces himself and departs with Jim (whose endless questioning suits Murray fine).

Meanwhile, Mel finds Bret and Jemaine and thanks Bret for something he did in her dream last night. Later, however, she reproaches Bret for something else (unmentioned, but which disgusts and horrifies Jemaine) that he did in her next dream. Mel demands Bret apologize for his 'dream behaviour', but it continues, and at Murray's martial arts club, Bret and Jermaine receive minor injuries from the furious Mel and Jim, respectively.


The following are songs featured in this episode.

Like In My Dreams[]

Sung by Mel, Like In My Dreams is a wistful imagining of what life might be like if the world were more like Mel's dreams. Not unexpectedly, the accompanying video reveals that her dreams are heavily populated by Bret and Jemaine.


Friends, sung by Bret, Jemaine, Murray and Jim, describes the sorts of things friends do for each other.


1. "Sally"
2. "Bret Gives Up the Dream"
3. "Mugged"
4. "Yoko"

5. "Sally Returns"
6. "Bowie"
7. "Drive By"
8. "Girlfriends"

9. "What Goes on Tour"
10. "New Fans"
11. "The Actor"
12. "The Third Conchord"


1. "A Good Opportunity"
2. "The New Cup"
3. "The Tough Brets"
4. "Murray Takes It to the Next Level"

5. "Unnatural Love"
6. "Love is a Weapon of Choice"
7. "Prime Minister"
8. "New Zealand Town"

9. "Wingmen"
10. "Evicted"