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Vocals by Rhys Darby
Heard in A Good Opportunity
Appearances By Murray Hewitt
Bret McClegnie
Jemaine Clemaine

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"Rejected" was featured in the episode A Good Opportunity and is performed by Rhys Darby.


After Bret and Jemaine fired Murray from being their manager, a depressed Murray began to sing of his depression due to his rejection while walking along his rooftop. The song begins as a soft and slow ballad, soon changing into an expressive operatic solo (voiced by New York Tenor Andrew Drost). Bret and Jemaine are seen in the background, playing classical instruments as an accompaniment to Murray's vocals, though this was obviously imagined by Murray. At the end of the video, Murray returns to his desk and is called for by an assistant. Murray tells him "one moment," and the song concludes with Murry's real voice.


Lyrics for Rejected from A Good Opportunity

Rejected / Thrown away / Affected / I don't know what to say / Dejected / Cast out to the sea / Disconnected / They didn't want me

Unprotected / Like a baby in the snow / Dejected / Like a clown without a show / I objected / Pretended I was unaffected / But still ended up rejected

Like a cake shop without any cakes / Like a cornflake box without any flakes / Left all alone in the world / Like a little orphan girl / Who's been neglected / Feel like I'm cut into two / Or bisected / Slung, flung, tossed, threw / Or trajected / Treated as though I were infected / Disrespected / Rejected

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