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1x01 - Robots.jpg
Vocals by Bret McKenzie
Jemaine Clement
Heard in Sally
Appearances By Bret McClegnie
Jemaine Clemaine
Album(s) The Distant Future
Flight of the Conchords (2008)

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"Robots" (also known as Humans Are Dead) was featured in the episode Sally and is performed by Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. It was also included on The Distant Future as well as their 2008 self titled album.


The song is performed by both Bret and Jemaine. It is set in a post-apocalyptic "distant future" (the year 2000) where all humans are dead and robots have taken over the world. The song is performed in the style of "Here is the News" by the Electric Light Orchestra. Within the context of the plot of the show, it is the band's first music video. Since the band has very limited funds, Murray constructs the robot costumes himself and films the video using a camera phone. The song has an extension with additional lines viewable during the end credits, and an even longer version is heard on their self titled album.


Lyrics for Robots from Sally

The distant future / The distant future / It is the distant future, the year 2000 / We are robots / The world is very different ever since the robotic uprising of the mid-nineties, / There is no more unhappiness / Affirmative / We no longer say yes, instead we say affirmative / Yes, affirmative / Unless its a more colloquial situation with a few robo friends / There is only one type of dance, the Robot / And the Robo-boogie / Oh yes, two kinds of dances.

Finally robotic beings rule the world / The humans are dead / The humans are dead / / We used poisonous gases / And we poisoned their asses / The humans are dead / He's right they are dead / The humans are dead / They look like they're dead / It had to be done / I'll just confirm that they're dead / So that we can have fun / Affirmative, I poked one it was dead.

Can't we just talk to the humans? / Maybe a little understanding / could make things better? / Can't we talk to the humans / and work together now? / No. / Because they are dead.

Binary solo / Zero zero zero zero zero zero one / Zero zero zero zero zero zero one one / Zero zero zero zero zero zero one one one / Zero zero zero zero zero one one one one / Oh, oh, / Oh, one / Come on sucker, / Lick my battery

Boogie / Boogie (Robo-boogie) / Boogie / Robo-boogie (The humans are dead)

Once again without emotion the humans are / Dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead.

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