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Sally is a recurring character who is portrayed by Rachel Blanchard and first appears in the episode "Sally" where she meets Jemaine at a party thrown by Dave. She appears again four episodes later in "Sally Returns" when they have a chance meeting.

Character information[]

In the episode "Sally", Jemaine (Jemaine Clement) and Bret (Bret McKenzie) attend a party thrown by their friend Dave (Arj Barker). In the crowd Jemaine spots a beautiful woman, Sally (Rachel Blanchard), inspiring him to sing "Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)".

He approachers her and finds out her name is Sally and she agrees to leave the party with him to get a kebab. They end up back at the band's apartment but just as they begin kissing, they are disturbed by Bret turning the light on and an embarrassed Sally leaves.

The next morning they are discussing the incident. Jemaine thinks that Sally left because she found it weird Bret being there and turning on the light. However Bret thinks it is because he used to date Sally himself. No final conclusion is reached.

Sally is seen again in "Sally Returns". After a chance meeting at the laundromat, Jemaine reconnects with Sally. She is interested in resuming their relationship but tells him that they have no future while he remains roommates with Bret. Jemaine immediately announces that he is moving out but refuses to tell a perplexed Bret that it is because of Sally.

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