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Song for Coco
1x04 - Song for Coco.jpg
Vocals by Bret McKenzie
Heard in Yoko
Appearances By Bret McClegnie
Jemaine Clemaine

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"Song for Coco" was featured in the episode Yoko and is performed by Bret McKenzie.


Song for Coco is Bret's love song for Coco. Though only pieces of the song are featured in the episode, it is mentioned that the song is two hours long. Jemaine questions the commitments Bret makes, such as to "climb the highest mountain", and suggests that he rewrite the song with more realistic promises.


Lyrics for Song for Coco from Yoko

I'd climb the highest mountain / I'd swim the deepest ocean / I'd walk along the longest path / To be with you / If you want me to.

I'd solve the hardest puzzle / And read the boringest book / I'd hold the hottest substance / Ooh yeah.

I'd solve the hardest puzzle / I'd race the fastest animal / Eat the biggest meal / To be with you, Coco.

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