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Vocals by Bret McKenzie
Jemaine Clement
Arj Barker
Heard in The New Cup
Appearances By Bret McClegnie
Jemaine Clemaine

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"Sugalumps" was featured in the episode The New Cup and is performed by Bret, Jemaine, and Arj Barker.


Jemaine and Bret, in dire financial straits, began discussing prostitution as a possible means of income. As they walked into a Chinese restaurant, Bret stated his skepticism about whether or not the scheme would work, because they "never get sex or get paid." Jemaine retorted by telling Bret that all the ladies were checking out his "sugalumps." Bret, confused, asked Jemaine what he meant, leading Jemaine to break out into song about his "sugalumps," a euphemism for his testicles. During the music video, Bret joined him in singing, and added his own rap which referenced the past song "The Prince of Parties". Dave also raps about how a customer of his shop sold his 'sugar lumps' to him for $10 and a frisbee. As the song ended, Bret was still skeptical, and said that Jemaine should be the prostitute.


Lyrics for Sugalumps from The New Cup

Lemme tell ya / I see you girls checkin' out my trunks / I see you girls checkin' out the front of my trunks / I see you girls lookin' at my junk / Then checkin' out my rump / Then back to my sugalumps

When I shake it, I shake it all up / You probably think that my pants have the mumps / It's just my sugalump bump-a-bumps / They look so good that's why I keep 'em in the front

All the ladies checkin' out my sugalumps / They drive the ladies crazy /

All these bitches checkin' out my britches / Put 'em in a trance when I wear track pants / My dungarees make them hung-a-ries / Go over the moon when I don pantaloons

My sugalumps are two of a kind / Sweet and white and highly refined / Honies try all kinds of tomfoolery / To steal a feel of my family jewelery / My cannonballs cause a kerfluffle / The ladies they hustle to ruffle my truffle If you party with the party prince / You get two complimentary after dinner mints

Girls surround me when I'm standing on the stoop / Giving me gifts like free chicken soup / Book tokens free chicken soup / Standing on the corner going ooh ah ooh ah / Ooh ah ooh ah

We see you girls checkin' out our trunks / We see you girls checkin' out the front of our trunks / We see you girls lookin' at our junk / Then checkin' out our rump / Then back to our sugalumps /

Chillin' at my store / Doin' my thing / When in walks a guy with his dick in a sling / I'm like, holy shit, what happened to you / He said, how much will you give me for the family jewels / I said ten bucks / He said no way / Ten bucks and a frisbee / He said okay / Then I took his sugalumps and put them up on a display / And sold them as hackysacks later that day

All the ladies they want / A taste of my sugalumps / Sweet sugalumps yeah / All the ladies they want / A taste of my sugalumps / Sweet sugalumps yeah

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